Chilli Heat Wave

Adam was given a grow your own pack of three of the hottest chillies from my mum for Christmas. This was seemingly the perfect gift for him as he sees heat scales as a challenge instead of a warning. However, seeing as we live in the North West, I was worried that our climate may not be the most suitable for the humid-loving hotties. That being said, the seeds are potted and on the window sill and I have all my fingers crossed.

So far, I have seen the tiniest sign of life from the Hungarian Hot Wax.

img_8510 The seeds were planted about 4-5 weeks ago and are currently perched on my windowsill at the front of the house.

The habanero chilli (left) has sprung into action over the past week and may soon start to overtake his sillmate, the Hungarian Hot Wax (right).


In just another week, the chilli plants have gone crazy! Even the Firecracker has shown signs of life. I have just made sure that the soil is always moist and that I rotate the pots every other day to maximise the amount of sunlight they are exposed to.

Fire cracker (left), Hungarian Hot Wax (centre) and Habanaro (right)

3 months in:

The chilli plants did not make it. All the seedlings were doing great. They had a cosy spot on the window sill, above the radiator, and were watered regularly as the soil dried quickly. However, one morning, every single seedling had wilted! I’m not sure if it was a change in temperature, over watering, under watering or over crowding but my chilli plants were short lived.

I felt so awful for Adam too as they had been his present, not mine, and he was quiteIMG_9609.JPG looking forward to using some home grown chillies in his cooking (as was I to be fair). So, young chilli plants were purchased and we tried again – with much more success!



The plants are now on a different window sill, are watered daily and have been repotted twice to create more space as they are growing rapidly. There are two habanero chilli plants and two jalepeno plants. All, I am pleased to report, have started flowering. I also gave my mum one of each plants and her’s already have some young chillis peaking through. I think this is due to her window sill getting more sunlight on than mine.

I did have a small aphid infestation at one point but after a few days of squirting a soapy solution (water mixed with fairy liquid) and letting the plants air off outside, the tiny pests soon vanished.