Cherry Toms

There is nothing nicer than home grown cherry tomatoes. Some of my favourite memories are eating my Grandpa’s straight from the vine. I don’t know about anyone else but shop bought tomatoes just don’t cut it.

img_8506 These little seedlings are from two/three weeks of growth – I need to start labelling and dating as I go.

With another week under their belt, we’ve got a newcomer to the pot! My girls are growing.


3 months of growth:

Once the seedlings had grown to about 10cm in height, I transferred each one to its own pot (about 8cm in diameter). I watered the plants once every IMG_9610two days with regular tap water. When the warm weather finally showed up, I increased watering to once daily first thing in the morning as they are on the window sill and getting plenty of sunlight. After the plants reached 15cm in height, I repotted them to larger containers and started hardening them off. Each plant spends around 3-5 hours outside now on warm days. I have taken one plant to school to plant in the school vegetable garden and the other two are staying in my garden at home. The plan was to purchase a walk in grow house this spring, so that my tomatoes and chilli plants could live outside but due to lack of space, this hasn’t happened yet.